Assessing Social Media

DC39 (2)

Single causes of change, esp, associated with technology, are assigned too much credit for too little effect in the public square. Worse, praising technology shifts attention away from the fomenting, underlying causes of corrosion which have a long history in the society. What technology does best is offer a measure of the response, a quick view of the activities of people engaged in change, a map of the progress and challenges confronted.

Technology aside, today’s agents of change are often met with highly polarized resistance, both official and informal. Splinter groups and fractions abound even when they all are focused on a central goal. This break down of movements into small units often fighting among themselves absorbs much of the energy of change; here technology enables distractions.

To the world outside of the struggles for progress, technology shares a picture which is incomplete. Yet it remains a better option than the scrubbed official statements issued previously that always brought more darkness than light.

Social Media: Destroyer or Creator? – The New York Times


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