Ted Cruz and his Canadian Birth Certificate

"I Believe I Can Better Myself"

popcornstand (3) Popcorn Stand. Hardin County Fair, Iowa. 1936. FSA/LOC/

Ted Cruz is a man running with a Canadian birth certificate. H cannot show one for any state. His US citizenship is only valid if his mother filed a US Consular Report of Birth Abroad before his 18th birthday; without the filed report his citizenship status enters another gray zone.

The meaning of “natural born” is settled in English law, but not clear in the US constitution. Whatever the outcome, two things are true: the US law is unsettled and Ted Cruz has a Canadian birth certificate.

Ted Cruz’s claim of the law being “straight forward” and the Congress clarifying the Constitutional specification of the meaning of “natural born” in the 1790 Naturalization Act ignores that Congress can not define the Constitution through legislative statute. Legislative statutes derive their power from the Constitution, not vice versa. Clarification requires a Supreme court decision…

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