Race and Class


Jan. 22, 2015 “While we were in Lawrence, Kan., we stopped at the Community Children’s Center–one of the nation’s oldest Head Start providers. The President sat next to Akira Cooper, right, and reacted to something she said to him.” (Official White House

Agreed: this ongoing dance between race and class, sometimes between the extreme forms of racism and capitalism, the ideas of freedom and equality have shadowed the struggle of the shining force of America’s promise to build democracy and opportunity. More than statistics, these twin social forces are subjects that shape our political economy!

Race is expressed in denials and stereotypes, in social action; class through law and association. Both have patterns and power levers more complex than assumed. Race and class are the tip of the spear: odd, asymmetrical adversaries that instruct decisions, actions and beliefs, in single cases and for communities. From last night, immigration law is to be set for a whole group for fear of a single case; yet the same leaders ignore Alabama’s dilemma: losing 40% of its harvest of fruits and produce when it passed the nation’s harshest immigration laws, making it illegal for undocumented families to rent or attend school. The state passed voting requirements against non-existent fraud, shaving the rolls to swing districts protected by gerrymandering.

Race’s main purpose has been to serve as “the problem” (the face!) of greed and corruption that the 1% and corporations hide behind. Blame those who are different. But no terrorists poisoned Flint! Over blown, too much regulation, power speaks (Jeb Bush, MI officials) to deflect and demoralize those who protest the power class, its inhumane quest. Cities that depended on black labor for its factories saw corporations abandon the work force, and now Democrats are blamed.

For Republicans, this election is to defeat Obama in absentsia! His is the political name above all ideology; through him, race walked the halls of power. They hurl vitriol and shame themselves. He tried to shred the spear; they turned it into a thousand daggers.

Plutocrats and Prejudice – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1OU3EEM


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