Note 2 (To Drew)

jitterbuging (2)

Marion Wolcott Post Photo. Jitterbugging in the Juke Joint. Alabama. 1936. FSA/LOC.

Wrong intellectual review, Andrew! Instead of moralizing, analyze: Trump combines two classic American trends, Gullah/African-American folklore and the action ethics of the dispossessed, dating before and after Bogart’s classic,”Knock On Any Door.”

A slight, underweight, out of shape house servant was once a part of a betting challenge in a Georgia county, paired against the most muscled, tallest, strongest field worker from a neighboring county. As the crowds gathered and the bets were in, the servant kissed the planter’s daughter good-bye–flush on the lips! The field hand immediately broke and ran. Any servant who would kiss the planter’s daughter was too tough and crazy for him! Like the servant, Trump is the master of the spectacle, its array of forces!

He offers the allusion of class suicide, taking on the corporate bosses as he creates the spectacle. To his followers, he rises in statue and legend as he walks away, an outlier of his own invention. Trump draws his ethics from the dispossessed, from biker bars and honky-tonks. It’s the gang ethic of action, over a made-up slight; the petty gets real! Combine the two: watch out! He, attention grabbing, hyper-vigilant, is not to be dissed!

Donald Trump’s Childish Debate Boycott – The New York Times


~~I’m a Black attorney in Washington DC with a degree in American History, a registered Republican and a Trump supporter.

Did Donald Trump meet me in a honky tonk to get my support?
The sheer lunacy of Obama liberals, bitter and sad because Obama is about 10 months from being a distant memory and a permanent failure.

~~I think you missed the point of Walter’s story, DC. (Honky tonk was more of a metaphor.)

Dislike Obama all you want, but he will not be remembered as a failure.


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