Media Strings and Political Puppets In Iowa

IAnewsoboy (2)

Arthur Rothstein photo. Iowa City Newsboy. 1940. FSA/LOC.

The national media has become a weekend wrapper of Iowa polls, without the helpful tips! Polls not policies are talking points; it’s the desperate candidates of Iowa with meaningless studio commentary and no local faces. Where are Iowa voices!

How do Iowa farmers reconcile opposing big government, busted budgets with producer subsidies to turn corn into fuel? (Lapsed, in 2011, they are back!) Do they agree with the tariff that prevents Brasil from entering the US market or with the tax credits that make ethanol a sweet deal for producers? Do they feel captive or do they see alternative uses for their corn? What say the heads of the county farm bureaus? Then how can Cruz/Rubio/Trump et al. be measured without knowing first what Iowans want, the breath of their positions, their ideas for their own futures, the issues of federal governance of greatest concern?

Democracy is to inspire citizen voices, but mainly the bell toils polls! What are Iowa’s top three state-wide issues a President can impact? What are Iowa top federal issues–trade (Cuba is a new market some would again close!), infrastructure, schools? Who knows? We only get polls!

The effort to win in Iowa seems to be built on denying Iowa’s unique voice. The grip of emotion has replaced reason and illuminating discussion. What does faith have to do with governing when those who profess it abandon its principles in their policies? Come Monday, the caucuses will be presented as poll, yet we hardly knew Iowa.

An Iowa To-Do List – The New York Times


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