Go Green!

2015-06-04 13.07.53

Mural detail, 12th Street, NE. Washington, DC.

The sub rosa of climate change is old technology or new? Coal, dirty and dangerous from extraction to burn, its gas emissions poisonous to people and inanimate things (the silt that once covered Pittsburgh’s cars!), its destruction of vast mountain tops of forests is called an “industry.” Its waste products have destroyed rivers in West Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, killing fish and wild life, making water undrinkable. It leaves vast pools of ash whose effects are not adequately cataloged.

In addition to solar and hydro energy, other forms of renewals are spreading. Wood pellets made from waste wood are increasingly being used in Europe, reducing the carbon footprint of power plants by 80 percent.

Biomass products like switch grass are a triple threat. Biomass products can be converted into liquid fuels for transportation (replacing gas and diesel), they can be burned directly to generate energy, thy can be converted into chemicals to replace many of the ones used in manufacturing made from petroleum!

The debate over “climate change,” while real, convincingly proven with mapping photos of melting glaciers, their shrinking accelerating, should not deflect from the new opportunities to improve reliable, safe, and more cost effective means of energy in a world whose population will another billion people by 2025 and will also add a billion more to the global middle class, increasing the demand of energy beyond the current acrimonious fight.


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