Bernbie and African-American Voters

2015-06-04 10.48.16

African-American Civil War Monument, Mt. Vernon Square, Washington, DC.

Deep thought has been put by some into Bernie’s positions; finding different answers. A leading Bernie spokesperson, powerfully effective, is Ohio’s Nina Turner. She articulates his views with passion and clarity, energy and fervor.

What is missing in the campaign–and what Dr. King understood even as he worked to build an economic bridge–is the long, deeply embedded role of white supremacy in undercutting economic justice in the African-American community. The Black Lives Matter movement has attempted to broaden Sen. Sanders’ thinking beyond seeing race as a sub-category of class, being solved when class issues are solved.

Historically, this divide and tension goes back to union organizing of Southern black and white farmers in the 1920s and 1930s, and union organizing everywhere which frequently discriminated in membership; it winds through public jobs and the racial ceilings that exist in corporations (even as some blacks advance). Harold Cruse’s seminal work, “The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual” reviews the struggle of the left over race and leadership.

Ta’nihesi Coates recently wrote a powerful essay (one of three, his ideas have been distorted and deflected), that directly addresses these concerns at a level many outside of the African-American community are not in touch with. It speaks to the racism embedded in the left’s value propositions–and their absence of awareness of the need to dismantle white supremacy. [].

Iowa’s Black Caucusgoers – The New York Times



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