A Note to Andrew Rosenthal, Times Editorial Page Editor

Wrong intellectual review, Drew! This is about briar patches and broken bottles. I don’t like Trump; I wrote a fascinating internet piece on him after he called for a black protester at his Birmingham, AL rally to be taken down (he was kicked and punched), cutting close to the bone of lynching. That post had to do with precious metals and showers (easily searched). But walking out on Fox is a sweet move.

Its misdirection is the same as Brer Rabbit and High John from Gullah/African-American folklore, specially the tale where the small house servant fights the biggest, baddest field hand from the neighboring county. Before, the fight, he kisses the planter’s daughter; the field worker, so big he could eclipse the sun, runs! Any servant crazy and bad enough to kiss a white woman was too much for him!

Trump’s move looks foolish, but he is taking on and standing up to the media, big business bullies–masters–in his followers eyes; he’s committing class suicide (at least its allusion). He looks tough, independent, no nonsense. Clearly, you haven’t been in a genuine redneck or biker’s bar. His move is part misdirection, part escalation–gang ethics, not childish, where petty gets real. Don’t dis him!

Donald Trump’s Childish Debate Boycott – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1nIM51X



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