Analyzing Trump, Again

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Iowa kids. 1940. FSA/LOC.

David Axelrod, as have so many others, offers a political context for Trump’s rise. He misses a larger sustained vision embedded in our politics contributing to Trump’s rise. Like others, he notes the dangers of Trump’s skill set but doesn’t report its strategy.

Two points: Collectively, the Republican party, its state and national officials and its presidential candidates have made the dog whistles of white supremacy a standard feature of their flag-wrapped identity politics. Using their denial of a Black President in the halls of power that they couldn’t defeat, the party’s candidates and supporters are attempting the defeat of the next candidate of his party–thereby defeating him in absentia! Axelrod takes no notice the Republican use–and denial–of obsessive issues tethered to white supremacy, framed as law and order issues, budget demands, and character failures.

Two: in his xenophobic, misogynistic world view of glad, sad, weak, and bad, Trump convinces voters that through him, their voices will be heard! To point, on Trump’s behalf, white supremacists are making robo-calls.

Trump targets his twin foes: the elite class and working class families of color and brings together an opposing coalition of reactionary middle class and working class elements vested in the displacement of others. He exasperates false differences through his racist and nativist rhetoric. It is an old South dialectic: he speaks to minorities about their limits. It results in a pragmatic conservatism, rooted more in pronounced action rather than blame.

It allows hate and the appearance of a limited equality to coexist and rejects the doctrinaire conservation that denies its bias and love of the rich. Its formula proscribes race in the halls of power.

The Obama Theory of Trump – The New York Times


White supremacists making robo-calls for Trump:
“Hear a white nationalist’s robocall urging Iowa voters to back Trump” [].

Or search: “White Nationalist PAC Blankets Iowa With Robocalls For Trump.” Even Fortune, a staunch capitalist rag, reported it:Search: “Donald Trump is getting support from the white supremacist American Freedom Party making robo-calls.”

The dog whistle/racist part:
GOP’s 2016 Festival of Hate: It’s Already the Most Racist Presidential Campaign Ever [].

The words of Trump himself:
Search: “Here are all the racist comments that got Donald Trump fired from NBC.”

Trump’s love of “the blacks” promises a limited equality. For women, too. I invite you to earnestly reconsider your dismissive conclusion and open your heart to build an America that doesn’t shout down a Muslim women who attends a Trump rally to build understanding through dialogue and is told to “get out.”
“Muslim woman ejected from Trump rally in South Carolina” […].



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