MottstParade40Collins (2)

Watching A Parade on Mott Street, NYC. 1942. FSA/LOC.

Not only does Times columnist David Brooks retreat in “disbelief”, he handicaps the Presidential race so that his pick for the most sane is the least qualified! Marco Rubio is a factory part, cut, stamped, connected to systems and ideology from the days of monopolies and carriage making. David combines Presidential history with down line marketing and wants to elect a ruby who bought into the Presidential package–a man who has publicly said he will reverse every vestige of progress America has made simply because it was achieved by a President of another color from another party.

At this point, the screen should read error bomb, a 404 message saying “client not found.” I would replace it with a 503 message saying, “service unavailable.”

Amilcar Cabral, the agronomist who lead Guinea-Bissau’s revolution was an incredible political thinker whose collection of speeches, “Return to the Source”, sheds light on David’s dilemma. Cabral noted the need for constant tinkering with the parts of a problem (David’s obstructionist incrementalism!) finally leads to the realization that the whole is broken. As things fall apart, revolution is demanded.

What David proposes is the opposite! He earnestly entreats for a reactionary leadership even more damaging than the names he fears. Count the ways: in foreign policy, war or stalemate (Cuba, the Middle East); in domestic policy, replacing regulations for restrictions (Wall St., women). Only one course to David, backwards, seems safe! But others say, “A luta continua, vitória é certa.” (The struggle continues, the victory is certain.)

Stay Sane America, Please! – The New York Times


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