Flint Faces A Government Culture Where Black And Poor Lives Don’t Matter

Flint reveals its last denial: the emails rlased show officials viewed any push back as “straw figures” to be attacked, arguing internally the state’s responses from politics rather than from real human costs and long term dangers.

Every consideration and decision in the emails is seen through politics. Flint was never a vulnerable community to the state but a treacherous one, seen putting the governor’s political agenda at high-risk. One emails suggests rescheduling the planned firing of an official–none suggest retesting the water–all the emails explicitly and intentionally disregard any mention of caution or concern for short or long term public health and quality of life effects of 100,000 people drinking and using for cooking, bathing, and washing water with high lead content.

State officials used every form of denial: blame shifting, ridiculing, character assassination, misplaced conclusions, to protect political capital, never aware of its collapse from easily proved and prior facts! This denial continues: Jeb Bush, a former governor himself, faults regulations for what were clearly human choices.

Flint shows Republican politics, its staff and administrative structure, has no high road. Its utterly lack of ethics or moral principles, its deeply ingrained neglect and contempt flash a fierce, hostile glare on basic rights. (No emails mention confusion about “regulations”!)

Late yesterday, new emails show the Detroit system offered to lower its costs. Six times. Below the cost of shifting to the Flint River. Its offers were declined. By the state. Why?

Michigan’s Great Stink – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1RJi91N


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