Republican Candidates, God, and Karl Marx

My blog’s masthead contains the collect: “God, comfort the mourning and warn the unruly.” It seems nobody is listening!: conservatives are inconsolable; their think tank schemas and encyclicals can not block the heresies! The epiclesis invoking Reagan is hollow–one pastor endorsing Ted Cruz declared Oprah to be the anti-Christ! Ben Carson’s confession of wanting to bludgeon his mother and stab his cousin and Palin’s admission of allowing her PTSD-diagnosed son access to a gun (22 vet suicides a day!), his domestic violence explained by a commander-in-chief he never served under not giving him warm fuzzies is magic thinking better suited for Bellevue’s 30 day review. And Cruz’s idea of “love one another” is to shut down government, take away health care and make no “deals with Harry Reid.”

In times so turbulent, I embrace “New York values,” and turn to Marx. Trump’s xenophobic, misogynistic world view of glad, sad, weak, and bad convinces voters they have “bourgeois influence.” That through him, their voices will be heard! White supremacists are making robo-calls in Iowa, on his behalf.

He brings together a “lumpen bourgeoisie,” a middle and working class movement using an old South dialectic: he speaks to minorities about their limits. It results in a pragmatic conservatism which allows hate and the appearance of a limited equality to coexist rather than a doctrinaire conservation that denies its bias and love of the rich.

How awful the hour, how marvelous the day!

Coming to Terms with Donald – The New York Times (Click to read replies. /wr)


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