Stock Market Sense

farmermarket42leeID (2)

Russell Lee photo. Idaho farmers market participant. 1941. LOC.

There’s a new world a-coming! Its foundation isn’t rooted in either rational or irrational fears. It’s pillars are a global game of blind man’s bluff. Its motivation and mission is greed.

How many firms make money as markets fall by selling short? How many hedges paid off? Greed benefits whether the market is up or down! It’s foolish to continue to push the long view, with its old paradigm, as guidance for investors, when volatility is simply another way to extract cash even as the abstracts of value rapidly and radically diminish.

How to Make Sense of Plummeting Global Markets – The New York Times


~~I believe Goldman Sachs (howmany candidates does it have running for pres?) made huge profits with the housing market crash. Try reading “Bailout Nation” and “Irrational Exhuberance” for a FEW actual insights. Do the people who work for the NYTimes ever do any research? or is it all opinion and what their friends say? Time to hire some very old people… Will improve the product. Economic writers like Ted Cruz and the other ideologues promulgate often really bad theories.. Read Naomi Klein “Shock Doctrine” about the Chicago school experiments in S. America. Horrific. Go do something like real work… Why do you think many Americans so respect Donald Trump. He did have jobs including on TV.


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