Republicans: The Party of Death

Ashcn (2)

An “Ashcan” depth charge used to attack submarines. 1940.

Matt Latimer, a former George W. Bush speech writer,  is a pathetic, disgusting apologist. The Republican establishment, local, state, and national, doesn’t “know” anyone half way around the world, in the Middle East, but is repeatedly ready to rush in to “save” or “support” or “protect” the region with American lives, money, and leadership. That leadership attacks anyone who says no to countries far beyond our national interests or political promise.

The fact is, the Republican Party has become a party of death: death from wars in which thousands or killed or maimed for lifetime over bellicose quarrels with no goals; death at home, leaving millions uninsured; death in the streets, through a broken policing system; death by homicide and suicide and spree killings under the rights of the 2nd amendment and allowing watch listed persons to buy guns; death by indifference and despair and blame; and now death by an entire Republican establishment in a state whose governor and advisers knew a city well enough to send in four emergency managers to remove power from the hands of citizens and their elected officials and put themselves in charge; death by a state agency that knew a city well enough to know how to rig the test results and belittle its opponents they knew well enough to denigrate; death supported by outrageous excuses blaming a kum-by-ya failure instead of evidence of stereotypes of indifference, employed at every turn. Spare me the Rodney King appeal. The only honor for a party so self absorbed that its excuses are as outrageous as its faults is a Roman death.

In my anger I overlooked: the death of government.

Republicans Ignore a Poisoned City – The New York Times


~~Very good comment. I am surprised how these people can get elected again and again? Are the people voting for them really so dumb?

~~Keeping telling it, Walter. The abandonment of people by their government makes me weep.



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