Much Ado About Nothing Doing

JapanwkrsOregon42Russell Lee (2)

Russell Lee FSA photo. Japanese-Americans sugar beet pickers. Oregon, 1942. LOC.

A simple test of our political foolishness: in my 10 years of commenting, not a single media outlet (except the Times itself!) has quoted from Times comments–some of the most insightful, best written fact supported analysis in the world. Media post tweets regularly, but never real citizens voices, left or right. The media disposition to invent America’s preference ignores the powerful clarity of these real voices, replaced by political fallacies, old thinking, conclusions without context, without a step-by-step analysis or a system of review.

I live in South Carolina, the third primary state. Have you seen one story on its economy, interviews with its workers and small businesses, profiles of its health care or education, a poll of its national concerns–or an interview with the only black Republican senator from the deep South since Reconstruction, in a state with a black Congress member who ranked third in Democratic leadership? Remember Jim DeMint, one of Congress’ biggest exaggerators, now President of the Heritage Foundation? What’s his impact?

Media coverage is so thin and shallow that the primary races combine Family Freud with the Gong Show. Sound bites perseverate until no bang or whimper exists–reality fades like the Cheshire cat and like the Red Queen, candidates promise “impossible things.” The net result is not to inform; quite the opposite: it impairs judgement, muddles clarity, and pits America against itself.

How Change Happens – The New York Times


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