In Flint, Death By Poison and Mocking

drugstore (2)

John Collier photo. Haymarket, VA drugstore. 1941.




Read the emails: it’s the constant mocking; seeing the world only in political terms without human dimensions; a callous disregard of people and their lives as a government priority. Winning elections and taking down controversy was the mission, top to bottom, of Michigan officials; slamming their critics and dismissing proof and complaints about the death also elevated their sick politics.

The governor’s first released email was completely redacted. Not a single word was shown. That darkness brought to light the complicit failure of staff whose service was only to politics, not for people. Somebody tell the governor with an apology you can’t unkill children and elders you have condemned to a uncertain, slow death or lives of irreparable damage. This act of domestic urban terror was an open conspiracy–a massive effort that took place with full government approval.

The Poisoning of Flint’s Water – The New York Times



~~Governor Rick Snyder offered up heavily redacted emails from 2014 and 2015. The most important offenses were committed in 2013. These emails need to be published as well.
We also need the emails and other information from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality charged with testing the water and keeping residents safe. How and why did they manage to fail in their most basic duties? Fixing corrosive water is not a new or uncommon problem for water supplies–not fixing this at the time the Flint river was first put in the pipes is a very basic failure of water supply management.
After GM stopped using the water in early 2014 because the water was unsafe for car engine parts because of accelerated rusting from the corrosion, no action was taken to protect the pipes and citizens of Flint. For less than $10.00 per day, governor Snyder’s all powerful emergency manager could have eliminated the threat by de-corroding the water. Just too much money to waste on the 5000 young children and 100000 citizens of Flint apparently.

~~Governor Snyder has now rewarded Darnell Earley, the emergency manager who poisoned the children of Flint with total responsibility for the Detroit public school system. Obviously, Governor Snyder likes the work Mr. Earley has been doing to develop children’s minds.


And Michigan law, no doubt enacted by Repubs with help from their allies in industry, ALEC, and anti-consumer lawsuit groups, prohibits release of the e-mail trail in a Freedom of Information lawsuit.
This smacks of the secrecy the SS imposed on the Wannsee Conference of January 30, 1942, which produced the detailed blueprint for the Final Solution (in which my family remaining in Europe perished).
At least the Allies won the War…or did we become the Axis some 70 years later? Who will win out here in this egregious situation?


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