Feel Good Finger Pointing

Farmerpoison (2)

Arthur Rothstein photo. Montana Farmer preparing grasshopper poison. 1939. 

Democrats, like those in Flint, who have been shut out by states administrated by Republican governors and legislatures who withhold resources–including tax breaks for new jobs and businesses in cities with large minority populations, who support by legislation charter schools with their limited, selected enrollment–calling it “choice”–ignoring public education and abandoning citywide systems, who are willing to lose jobs to states with non-minority populations; officials who watched grocery stores leave inner cities, and undermined basic services through underfunding state partnerships–and then, as some do, blame Democrats–a shortsighted political view that is a deadly shot fired as “Democrats kill cities,” when Republicans have abandoned urban areas for suburban districts and Democrats have tried–and succeeded (in Atlanta, Asheville, Charlotte, Charleston, Philadelphia, Boston, Houston, Seattle, and 100s of other cities and towns!) to restore prosperity and vitality, with jobs and good wages. Casting labels and covering up facts while ignoring complex issues of change and race is not blame-free: feel-good finger pointing is seldom rooted in truth!

Republicans Ignore a Poisoned City – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1Pa58w0 


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