The Drowning Wave

In their doom and overwhelming gloom about the current status of America, the Republican candidates are trying to surf the wave built by constant negative media created through Fox Faked News (FFN), right wing radio and hundreds of hard, hard right websites and the anti-Obamaism that infects part of our nation. They all predicted disaster from this president, so, if they have to, they will churn it up on their own

The candidates are also feeding on the general negativity generated through seven years of attacks on Obamacare, attacks that began before any specific plan was even proposed. Because the Republican House refused to back-off, because their comments ranged from “disaster” to the end of all American freedoms, they have a willing cohort of voters who believe, even if they get benefits from it, that the law must be ended. There was even a case mentioned in straight media in recent times about a man in Ky. who is able to live because of the care he gets through expanded Medicare, but then supports the pledge of the newly elected governor to roll it back. How can anyone argue with that level of negativity? You can’t. It is unassailable by any reason or logic.

How big this negative wave flowing over voters? It is likely much smaller than the Republican candidates believe. In the end, people vote not mainly to stop bad things, but to have the potential to bring good things to their lives. No Republican has any such plans. The program is all anti-Obama, all the time.

(A Doug Terry Commentary)


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