When The Lost Pretend to be Found

gordonparks (2)StMartin42DC

Gordon Parks photo. St Martin’s, Washington, DC. 1942.

Bellicose as he is, he read Dr. Seuss to his children at bedtime from the Senate well and then went forth to talk House extremists into shutting down the government for 16 days, costing the economy–working class families–$24 billion, without a peep of regret. He’s gone after Senate leader McConnell, he revels in the personal attack and the apocalyptic vision, yet he has no visionary plan for progress. He applies his template to what’s hot and has a keen nose for fear, ignoring domestic infrastructure and family security, He never uses the word “growth,” he twists facts to become wood in his fire.

David spoke of Cruz in the tradition of the Spartans, the fighting Greeks who defended their democracy. Cruz’s bombast tracks the falling angels of Satan, who seek to rule by deception, prey, indulgence, and destruction and to reign by installing their powers above all. Days after Charleston’s massacre, he made horrific gun jokes. For in the godhead of Ted Cruz, freedom rejects equality and its implied vigilance and restrictions.That guarantee of protections–and any human form of mercy–is what he seeks to overthrow!


In the large context of brutality tied to hate and fear at the center of Republican comfort, we see emerging two direct threats: the armed takeover and destruction of federal property, the illegal access of federal records, the denial of citizens to use federal lands for their lawful intent by others who have sought no legal regress for their claims–vigilantism is growing; each arriving group establishes a ring of “protection” through arms that enforces a “peace” through threats.

More, we have the return of announced and politically active white rights groups–racists making robo-calls for the two leading GOP candidates! White supremacists or rightists are not interested in power-sharing. These movements and people see no common ground or promise of liberty for all. The tolerance by the candidates of their open appeals is unconscionable. Especially after Charleston. Anti-Christian; nothing in the faith grants favor to white people (or denies them grace!), these open calls bring into civil discourse direct appeals to race. It’s a dangerous xenophobia, ignored and denied. Race is its object, not its cause.

The Brutalism of Ted Cruz – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1OgaWlW


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