Trump and Cruz: Transparent Nasty

This political season has mostly been bout transparent stupid, a Dr. Drew (why is he still around?)/Dr. Phil/Maury miniseries, with audiences all clapping and buck dancing badly because Barack is their political daddy and they are angry–really?–at his stoic progress. Others, merely “disappointed.”

Even good results are condemned.

Did anyone point out the US Naval sailors with their hands clasped looked like a typical American traffic stop–or ask why the insurrectionists occupying the Mary Brigid McManamon refugee haven’t raised their hands? The first arrest was a guy who took a govt truck to the grocery store. If our arch-enemies could provide full breakfast room service, expedited check-out, and direct connections back to the fleet (can Trump’s properties beat the amenities?), militarization not withstanding, don’t we have enough mustard gas (nasty stuff), smoke bombs, stun grenades, rubber bullets, net guns, sonic sound canons, steroid taskers, microwave energy blasters (my favorites! two choices: they cook skin instantly or create shockwaves inside skulls), blinding laser beams, aerosols (dumped from helicopters), and remote robots to “shape the behavior of potential threats” to take this crew out by non-lethal means, creating great video clips in the process?

In 1957, Military volunteers were exposed to atomic radiation, to make the US safe from insurrectionists occupying a refugee Teddy Roosevelt founded in 1908. And safe from Repeal Rubio, a candidate who is an anchor baby wanna-be, and another who is a shape-shifting canard.

Hillary and Bernie, Punching – The New York Times



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