Too Much Over Too Little

So what? To those folk roiled about Iran’s peaceful escort of US sailors to shore from their waters, the sailors will be returned in the morning, after a night’s sleep–because of new diplomatic work the President’s team demonstrated the courage to do to alter the old frozen, status quo! I’m sure you all knew that: why didn’t you mention it? It’s certainly ups the ante of bashing the President if the naval sailors are not returned! (They were returned, promptly after breakfast, before daybreak in America.)

And the criticism about the weapons Cuba were smuggling to North Korea? Those weapons Cuba shipped–aircraft, missiles, systems–were as old as the American cars that populate the island! No where near “state of the art,” the MIG 21s are the military equivalent of flintlocks! Even North Korea claimed they were being shipped to repair! Not much danger there.

The answer to allied safety is obvious: Israel has suffered no attack! Its battles with Palestinian groups continue across all Presidential terms, going back to Jimmy Carter.

To those opposed to Obama: Why focus on Obama and omit a focus on policy? How would you approach the New Terror? New terrorism is a new form of insurgency with different goals. New terrorism is stateless and seldom about territory or resources. Death is its mission. Russia lost a plane, Turkey suffered a tremendous attack even as it provided safe gateways and a thriving black market for oil controlled by ISIS. How does a country fight terrorists run by former generals, whose rank and file seek only to kill and whose leaders are skilled in propaganda, ready to turn every debate into a failure that advances their cause. No President can stop lone wolves. That’s not the criteria for leading the country.

Obama Confronts Americans’ Fears in State of the Union Speech – The New York Times


One thought on “Too Much Over Too Little

  1. All they have to say is how (in their wacko opinion) the president has done wrong. He is not running again against them as he already has and won two terms. If he could run again, President Obama would certainly have my vote. He is the best president we have ever had. He does not have to use a gun, he uses his brain!!! He has done so many wonderful things and would have done more if he had a “do something” congress instead of the “do nothing” one he had and has…..Congress is all much ado about nothing!!!


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