The Tired Fight

MDvoting (2)

A Maryland voter, 1942. FSA/LOC.

Blame and denial, obstructionism, micro-management, balance sheets, name calling and legal bluffs have been used to strike Barack Obama–but when it comes to his record, these tactics show little effect! Amazingly, the President managed to increase taxes on the rich (through the ACA and expiring tax rates), cobbled a hybrid insurance plan adding coverage for 17 million,advance LGBT rights, signed significant treaties on trade, climate change, and nuclear weapons, operated FEMA efficiently (the clean up of the Gulf oil spill), but equally important, he brought a real human presence to the office, filling it with children and families along with policy wonks and power seekers.

Many remain uncomfortable when his two election victories no longer affirmed white privilege: by daily vitriol they assaulted his character, birth, intelligence, authority, and family, bemoaning his vacations and his style as too expensive and un-American. They were neither! But the ugliness and monolithic tunnel vision of the barrage of attacks–always screamed, unfounded, exaggerated, routinely based on lies–hurt. They wounded America’s prestige. They unleashed a milieu of ill will and social disintegration that led to unprecedented resistance to federal law by red states and radicals.

President Obama was the object, not the cause, of this “trouble in the air.” A Heritage fellow claims: “history proves that cutting tax rates–not raising them–is a better way to get money out of the rich.” As is true for claims of Obama’s lack of leadership, history proves no such thing!

The Obama Boom – The New York Times



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