The Blame-Obama Syndrome

Staples shifts in employment has more to do with wage savings than insurance costs, although this conclusion is a great example of the “Blame-Obama syndrome” that substitutes multiple influences and reasons to turn them into a single cause, with fault tied to the President. It ignores Staples memos, threatening discipline for over clocking for as little as ten minutes, hardly enough to trigger the requirement for coverage–to speculate and settle on a cause for the greatest harm.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which keeps records of monthly hours worked, doesn’t confirm the assertion of more workers working less hours. [].

Those accusing others of cherry picking shouldn’t live in glass houses!


Jan. 22, 2015 “While we were in Lawrence, Kan., we stopped at the Community Children’s Center–one of the nation’s oldest Head Start providers. The President sat next to Akira Cooper, right, and reacted to something she said to him.” (Official White House photo.)


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