Peace Keeping Is More Important Saber Rattling


Battlefield of Gaines Mill, VA. 1862. LOC.


All’s well that ends well! Especially, without spending another $8 trillion on a war in the Mideast. A special note: our enemy acted in humane and open fashion as our ally. Twice this week. Once in military terms, once in humane terms. With no torture or shouting, both times, Americans were released safely and returned to American jurisdiction.
If Rep. Louie Gohmert of TX wants something to go after, the armed insurrection going on in Oregon which has taken over US facilities on land owned by the government since 1908, provides an ample opportunity for his nutty brand of saber rattling.

Being an American citizen begins with liberty for all and a respect for law, and when change is necessary, using the many methods of redressing grievances that American citizens have successfully employed over the years that do not include examples of armed insurrectionary takeovers of property which is vandalized and destroyed, expecting protection and a pass based being a citizen when laws are violated and consequences applied unequally and justice is withheld. None of the present parties in the Orgeon occupation suffered a legal injury or having standing from the more than century old purchase by Teddy Roosevelt. Native Americans are the Americans who have a legitimate right of lawful protest! They should have a keen interest; mine is simply knowing right from wrong–even for American citizens mercy should not endorse the sin.

For Rep. Gohmert, it means turning his attention to where he can do the least damage and harm.

$9 trillion it is. Without peaceful release.

Yeah, boys will be boys. But Oregon isn’t the fight of the so-called milita who have drifted in, uninvited and seized federal government property and land! The family, the Hammonds, asked them not to come; the community has asked them to leave, as have local law officials. In this specific case, they put their noses where they were not wanted. It is illegal behavior by right wing extremists who blame imaginary enemies as they ignore reality to justify breaking laws.

It’s not Selma or Ruby Ridge or Wounded Knee, each had very different circumstances. Oregon doesn’t begin to raise to the level of Concord or the Haymarket riot or the Chicago raid on the Black Panthers in 1969, or Ferguson. If you make your head hard, consequences follow–esp. if you created the circumstances!

That said, they can easily removed with smoke and gas and stun grenades, tasers, rubber bullets and other non-lethal means by officers whose safety relies on military style vehicles as seen recently on America’s streets in Baltimore and elsewhere. The biggest danger is the threat they pose to themselves!

Iran’s Swift Release of U.S. Sailors Hailed as a Sign of Warmer Relations – The New York Times (Click through to read replies. /wr)


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