Mr. President: “We Love You Madly”

Adieu, Mr. President! We love you madly! As Netanyahu sits at home safely, Iran has dismantled 4,530 centrifuges and shipped 25,000 lbs of uranium to Russia and its sanctions are lifted; you created a pathway for peace, Iran followed, adhering to its agreement in the face of  detractors America and Iran have now proven wrong. You persisted; China agreed to historic limits for its hydrocarbon pollution. The START treaty with Russia was renewed in your first term. Today, due to your diplomacy, detained US naval sailors in Iran will quietly com home and return to sea without incident.

You expanded diplomacy, eulogized Nelson Mandela and Clementa Pinckney,visited the grieving, and focused on families, domestic, immigrant, and refugee, seeking safe havens for their dreams. You stuck to America’s original story.

You awakened a nation the constitution was a document not of absolutes but responsibilities, that freedom requires vigilance and limits that safeguard progress and prosperity. Under your Administration, women passed the Army’s Ranger course, shocking a Republican who called for review, ignoring that our military fitness was in danger because of sexual assaults, not lowered standards. He was one of many who doubted the “all” in America’s dream and when you didn’t–refusing the old limits–they accused you of tyranny, with a glaring lack of specifics.

You and your family planted gardens, hosted science fairs, opened your house at Christmas, brewed beer; you raised the American flag again on Cuba soil.

Many hated you; their loathing tied to old notions and beliefs about race; they called you arrogant and weak, but you were the object of hate, your actions were not its cause.

Well done, sir! Well done.

President Obama’s Call to America’s Better Nature – The New York Times


March 7, 2015 “The First Family joined others in beginning the walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.” (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson) 


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