Lies Create A Rage Within

WoodstockVTWoclott (2)

Marion Post Wolcott photo. Trash Cart, Woodstock, VT. 1940.

The rage Douthat generates is deeply felt within–not about sex partners of Presidents from two decades ago–more about competence and a commitment to truth that public writers are expected to uphold. Opinions differ. But to what purpose? Too often his outer story seems intend on destroying the inner truth. Forgiveness is cast aside for judgement. Accusations substitute for facts. Acts with no bearing on current issues are said to be vital. The sum is a heap of misleading garbage twice revisited only for the sake of its stench, this time being generated by those who stirred it not in a search for truth but to push America apart.

Our inner confidence depends on our public trust. When truth is breached and mangled, we feel as though we are drowning and unable to restore our waning strength.

The Bill Clinton Question – The New York Times


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