Hillary Clinton’s Threat Assessment

Hillary Clinton has different responses for different threat levels–her conflict management style has discrete levels, each escalating, depending on circumstances. She goes from agreeable/no waves, to compromising/all-together group hug, to “Mama gonna knock you out,” a full throttle aggression mode–from which it’s really difficult for her to pull back. She is at her sharpest, clearest, steely determined “in” the fight. But she may not always bring the fight.

I think she fights better than she talks. (In that way, perhaps, she is the opposite of Obama, whose fighting style was a cerebral zen that frequently had Republicans flaying at nothingness, Putin as his middle man (on Iranian disarmament even as Russia was under sanctions!), China reigning pollution (we can all breathe a bit easier), and the fastest ever capture-and-release of American personnel by an arch enemy, without a tit-for-tat.)

Hillary understands smart power, its effective use internationally. She knows the next global transformation will be the role of women, changing societies and economies. Her fault is trying to please too many and too often holding back. Missed in the description of her as a corporate centrist is that corporations also listen to her and many (not all!) will value her leadership on change and growth.

Her brand of change is win-win. It’s not easy sale in a divided nation. Her task is to make her vision as encompassing as its epic battles and bring Bernie’s America into the fold.

Hillary and Bernie, Punching – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1U475Kt


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