Calling On Others, Why Do You Pass Us By?

detroit-gospel-choirI have made this remark before: those who seek to be President of all the people and say the Republican Party has room for all and that conservative values are about more than empowering the rich but also include respect and opportunity for working families and that conservatism is color-blind have not once–in a ritual important to South culture–reached out to visit the families of the Charleston martyrs or visited Mother Emanuel, the oldest AME (African Methodist Episcopal) church in the South below Baltimore, a church whose historic sanctuary was opened in the first year of freedom  as the civil war ended, built by the hands and funds of former slaves who counted among their early pastors three members of Congress.

Two of the seven spiritual acts of mercy say instruct the ignorant and comfort the afflicted–yet these candidates, obsessed with events in Iran, Syria, and Iraq, halfway around the world, find no time for simple acts of compassion at home.

When John Kennedy made a phone call to Dr. King’s wife, Coretta Scott King, in 1960, to inquire of her and the family’s well being, it changed the black vote. Both history and the tenets of faith, the good works possible within each, appear lost on candidates whose descriptions of despair put truth out of common reach, and who show what matters by vainly turning their backs in silence on the pain of the grieved. What more can be done for them than they did for others?

Republicans Intensify Attacks After a Pitched Debate – The New York Times


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