Workers Should Lead On Wages

The reality of the economy is missed by simple stat shots (statistical measures). The charts tied to periods of recession and prosperity show the history of American wages follows an organic pattern. Once conditions are set, a mass movement follows and demands are made through direct action for higher wages, against private resistance and dire predictions of failure never realized.

The recent recession wiped out family net worth, a visceral kick and inescapable loss still heavily felt. But blaming Obama shouldn’t be an excuse for shifting responsibility; instead look at towns and work places where wages have been increased–it’s the result of sustained mass action in every case! Votes, boycotts, pickets, public rallies have all brought local change; these are models to follow.

To slide the responsibility onto government or the President abandons the most important role of the citizen’s voice, to be raised with others standing together for change. Advocacy is a pillar of our history! We must look to ourselves to strengthen the demands we must be paid more for the value we produce and we must know that corporate resistance and its old arguments have been disproven and defeated before. We must become a part of the solution! Labor force participation is not a number of dissatisfaction; it’s a measure of our irresponsibility and absence of engaged participation that is on us to change.

When the State of the Union Is Strong, but Doesn’t Feel Like It Is – The New York Times


The President walks across one of the Miraflores lock at the Panama Canal.



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