Blame Is Just Plain Dumb


March 7, 2015. “During the event to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the Selma to Montgomery civil rights marches, the President and First Lady holding hands as they listened to the remarks of Rep. John Lewis.” (Official White House Photo.) 

A curious oddity since the beginning of his Presidency finds its gist in Obama the man as much as Obama the President and seeks to deny his legacy and accomplishments by splitting and combining the two! The split is normally extreme: he has heard “you lie” from the Senate well during a State of the Union address–an unconscionable act of disrespect for his office–aimed at the man. “Divisive” is aimed at the President because saved healthcare for 18 million and for those with pre-conditions by holding firm against a House that celebrated closing government, costing America’s families $24 billion in just 16 days. Every gesture inflated, his race mocked in jokes and art, even his vacations met with vitriol. His obvious love of family ignored; his wife’s urging of healthy eating resisted as food policing.

Critics of President Obama’s policies know little about policy, conflating single examples into epic fails; yet his policies mark a long trail of shrill voices now fallen silent: on inflation, deficits, healthcare, LGBT rights, treaties. On the campaign trail or in media, his detractors detail little substance, ignore evidence, only offering memes of blame.

Humans and politics are organic: growth and change occurs in stages. After recovery and a banking system rebalanced, then wages and family wealth can be pursued, but its pursuit is not the President’s single mission alone. Wages need security, jobs need new work paths. That’s his role. To support building the paths and security of the future. jobs are gone. Opportunity means responsibility. Do we point fingers or take responsibility, collectively?

Obama Confronts Americans’ Fears in State of the Union Speech – The New York Times


~~Remember at the time of the President’s State of the Union address (before and following), white supremacist groups were carrying out a campaign of robo-calls for Donald Trump!

~~Excellent comment. I too am constantly frustrated by the empty, content-less criticism of his political opponents. Aside from a handful of mostly symbolic side issues (you can keep your doctor, Benghazi) they cite nothing concrete. He is the worst American president ever, he is weak, he is wrecking g the Constitution…. Blah, blah, blah.


2 thoughts on “Blame Is Just Plain Dumb

  1. We are a people out of balance. We are a country out of balance. Equality and justice cannot be brought into balance when the mechanism of the scales are rigged to keep the system tipped to favor one side.

    President Obama has tried to balance the scales but they have been tilted so long to one side that the pivot pin seems to have been rusted in position resisting all attempts at movement. To make matters worse, many who should be and could be helping the President have been fooled instead into helping keep the scales tipped in favor of those that exploit them and their efforts.

    Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) yelling “You Lie” at the President was a foreshadowing of the rest of President Obama’s term in office. From the secret meeting on the very day he took office where plots were hatched to ruin his Presidency through to today when even the return of hostages from Iran is vilified he has remains steadfast, patient and resilient. He has managed to move the scales, if only a little.

    Those of us who have tried to help him must realize that our efforts must soon be redoubled. The efforts of those that need to keep the scales out of balance will not rest when President Obama leaves office. President Obama has vowed to keep up his work after he leaves office and so must we continue lest the progress made be reversed.


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