Trump Validates Marx

Lena Horne and Coretta Scott King at an event associated with the Trumpet Awards Foundation gala, Atlanta, Georgia, 1994. LOC.LenaCorretta94 (2)

Not only socialists, Marxists of the world unite! Marx’s philosophy is dialectical materialism. It ties Aristotle’s work in his book “Categories” to the German idealist Hegel’s “Science of Logic” (Marx honored Hegel by using its form and organization for his masterwork of political economy, “As Kapital”). Marx describes social reality as a “contradiction.” The contradiction represents the passive and active features of a clash between social groups seeking differing goals and the attendant power and benefits.

Leaders are not mythic figures, explained by myths; they directly result from identifiable forces within the clash. These leaders do not initiate the clash; they come into being as the product of it. Trump is a strategic product of capitalism, come not to disrupt the social order but to further it! Witness the media using candidate Trump to lead it programming ads (a triumph of celebrity), or Chris Matthew’s hour special; the caroming 24/7 chatter. Note Trump’s embrace of critical issues from the left, including health care and wealth disparity. Observe his authentic misogyny that streams through American culture (1940 movie “molls” slapped, later threatened, “one of these days, Alice!”).

But Trump’s most vital role is to convince working families they have “bourgeois influence,” a voice in the process. The leaders of mass movements are produced  by forces within the movements themselves; they direct and present the movement to others and encourage its energy, acceptance, defense and loyalty within. So the contradiction: the more Trump is attacked the more he becomes authentic! So do his attacks!

Trump is not a rejection of the GOP establishment, but an outgrowth of its changing form. The establishment seeks to serve and protect its own narrow issues of wealth and power in its attacks on him, a purpose transparent (Nikki; why Bush is last!). On war, Trump flexes. On race, he hates. He is a disaster. But no one cares. He validates Marx!

Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump – The New York Times

MPWocottHarrodsburgKY40 (2)

Marion Post Wolcott Photo. Harrodsburg, KY. 1940. LOC.


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