Flint’s Poisoned Well

MPWocottHarrodsburgKY40 (2)

Marion Post Wolcott Photo. Harrodsburg, KY. 1940. LOC.

Note to Bernie, Hillary, et al: where is the outrage over Flint? Speak of a broken political process, we have a governor who is putting the entire population of one his largest and poorest cities at risk of disease, neurological damage to the brain and nervous system, and even early death–all of which his state apparatchiks denied while attacking the character and righteous concerns of its chief whistle blower, a pediatric doctor, who discovered the new water source contained the presence of lead, a dangerous, deadly mineral whose presence in the environment–certainly in the water supply!–the state is supposed to protect its citizens against.

Emails show and trace the cover up. Rigged sampling, rigged retesting, ignoring results that demonstrated the danger–a reckless disregard for life.

No water buffaloes have arrived. 20 volunteers are trying to deliver water to 33,000 households. Handwritten signs reinforce the governor’s empty promises, saying “no supplies today.” The bumbling indifference, the insensitivity and denial, the utter incompetence and lack of advocacy within the state’s systems have taken a bad problem and made it worse.

We are concerned about terrorists poisoning our water system and it turns out that it is not terrorists who poisoned the water supply in Flint but our own elected officials and staff, who unlike terrorists who would be arrested and persecuted, are still free to lie and further their cover up, minimizing and denying their mistake. This is what misplaced empathy looks like.

Americans could die and children be brain-damaged and cognitively impaired from drinking water the state authorized them to drink and then knowingly covered up its dangers. The slow, disorganized pace of aid only brings the gallows closer.

These are not political officials confused or overwhelmed; these people lied and endangered an entire city. Bernie, Hillary, et al: speak out!

Michigan’s Failure to Protect Flint – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1JOeWvh



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