Comfort As An Absolute

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FSA photo.  LOC.

The left values likeability, the right seeks comfort! Rather than assigning an invented noble purpose to anger as a fix, why not rethink the error: reevaluate the common trait: quite obviously, for the right, it’s comfort!

The subtle distinction between like and comfort goes beyond policy and budgets to the major differences between the two sides: the right sees freedom as an absolute and equality as a fatal poison. (It uniformly opposed the public accommodations act as a restriction on businesses’ right of choice rather than as an end to discrimination!) The left sees equality as a pillar of society and something government should actively provide. (Social security is one of its best works!)

Why give anger a noble purpose when it core political value is comfort? Win or lose, the right is comfortable with the meanness and evil and darkness of a world conquered by a fight (often the battle armor is a minimum wage job!). Freedom is a selfish fight. For them, real freedom rejects equality and its implied vigilance and restrictions. That guarantee of protections is what they seek to overthrow!

They have no noble purpose. Their enthusiasm doesn’t stem from anger! They hate “correctness.” They love comfort! They simply want the collective feeling of being smug and proud of the differences the left seeks to eliminate. To describe them as angry makes them incoherent and hides the analyst errors! Comfort is why their center holds, even as it grows ugly and disgusting.

The idea of comfort as the core of anger goes back to the Civil War and before. Anger is only an outside shell, comfort is the shared camaraderie of the inner core, these defenders of freedom who refuse to abandon their biases. They ignore the contradiction and see social engineered opportunity as a threat to freedom.

Below are 4 links to short posts on comfort (not anger!) being the right’s binding tie.

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