Flip A Coin

“Wrapping yourself in an American flag shouldn’t protect you from being judged a terrorist.

Republicans are reluctant to use that label based on their blind support of the Second Amendment and the rabid hatred of Obama. The Party’s failure to disown these radical elements is due primarily to their fear of offending these same radicals, many of whom form the party base.

When it comes to intolerance and lock-step opposition to the Obama administration, we need only consider the 63 votes the Republican Congress has wasted trying to overturn the ACA, and their knee-jerk opposition to any rational form of gun control. At that point, you have to wonder who’s the more disruptive, the guys in camo standing in an Oregon pasture or the suits sitting in Congress?”

`~~An NYT Commenter


One thought on “Flip A Coin

  1. The “party of stupid” is what they are. They cannot overturn the ACA. Surely they are not that stupid, but alas.
    The president would veto it and never sign it. Again, we are going to get the same congress we had and they again will be the “do nothing” congress.


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