Analyzing Trump’s xenophobic and misogynistic narrative of love and hate


German couple, Milwaukee, WI. John Vachon FSA photo, 1939. LOC.

I’m getting mad and I’m heartbroken: the powers of perception have failed so many of my favorites–now Gail! Rage, I hear; anger, it’s said. Discontent, fear, fools–reasons repeated over and over ad nauseam to explain the Trump phenomena. Maybe due to a lifetime in the coastal South, I see Trump’s iterations (<< good public education, yall!) differently!

He parallels the Library of Congress tale, set on Charleston’s Meeting St: two of the city’s enslaved approach their property owner–one wearing the owner’s brand new winter coat he sent for, his buddy praying in fear. The wearer boldly models the coat, chiding the owner he has others, while the wearer has none. Laughing at the display of bold audacity, the owner lets him keep the coat! (A result unexpected!) He tells his friend, “if you know him and he likes you, he won’t refuse you” (despite custom and protocol!).

That’s Trump! It’s not rage, fear, or the standard list–it’s comfort: to his audiences, his outrageous makes him likeable: He flails, breaks the rules. He’s mastered being over the top; he harnesses the understatement. His quips point to the imaginary and invisible status quo’s illusions. He offers comfort!

We already knew deep pockets of America spin in their heads a xenophobic and misogynistic narrative of love and hate. Trump wears the coat and plays to both!

Cornering the Anger Market – The New York Times


(reply) Thank you Walter.
I enjoyed the Collins spin on the Trump narrative, it is the the cooling that is keeping the pot from boiling over but I think you have really defined the situation with wit and wisdom.


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