No Constitutional Right To Kill

AmRev (2)

Detroit Publishing Company. 1900. Milwaukee Library. 

Republican candidates for President seem to find comfort in affirming the right to kill; their call to protect the Second Amendment ignores the dead. Is the Second Amendment really eroded if the nation funds greater mental health focused on preventing suicides and family violence? Is the Second Amendment eroded if gun buyers undergo background checks? Is the right to bear arms compromised if gun safety features are expanded by manufacturers? Is the Second Amendment eroded by policy actions that place no restrictions on gun ownership itself?

Who is out of touch? Who silently, without a tear, watches us die? Heart and soul, these candidates place bullets above bodies.

Remember, every bullet fired has its own excuse. Listening to Republicans, the threat to America’s communities lies in the President’s policies to save lives. Measure their words and deeds carefully; in there hearts and speech, American lives have no measure of constitutional protection. Only guns.

When the Constitution is the excuse for killing and for the death of its citizens, the Constitution fails. Its original intent was not to justify domestic homicide. The Second Amendment implies no right to kill; It does not elevate murder to a patriotic act; it does not support blood sacrifice. Republicans do!

It is a strange group who find glory in the gun but ignore the collateral dead. No power of Constitution or divine authority will reward theirr praise for guns and the contempt and hatred they show for American lives.

Wanted: Straight Shooters – The New York Times


(repiy) Well said!


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