The GOP Holds Gun Rights Above Grief

PARuberstein37 (2)

Deer Hunter, Huntingdon County, PA. Arthur Rothstein FSA photo. 1937. LOC.

Who is out of touch? The President who cries at his personal memory of the dead? The twice-elected President overcome by the images of children shot to death in the classroom and halls of the Connecticut school they attended? The American President whose face so clearly was etched with pain, as he described why the country should be kept safe from the onslaught and slaughter of guns?

Republicans speak of gun rights but never grief. Republicans fly the flag of the Second Amendment above the bodies of Americans buried in the ground under the banner of its bullets. Republicans clearly say even to try to save lives is beyond the power of this President, yet they will not tell us why.

Across America, which Republican candidate has visited any of the hundreds of families of the dead killed buy guns? Name one name called. One heart touched.

Republican candidates for President seem to take comfort only in the right to kill, for their call for the protection of the Second Amendment ignores the dead. Is the second Amendment really eroded if the nation funds greater mental health, with a focus on preventing suicides and family violence? Is the second Amendment eroded if gun buyers undergo background checks? Is the right to bear arms compromised if gun safety features are expanded by manufacturers? Is the second Amendment eroded by policy actions that place no restrictions on gun ownership itself?

Who is out of touch? Who silently, without a tear, watches us die?

The Hear-Nothing Gun Crowd – The New York Times

Under the President’s announced actions, every American can still purchase and own a Glock, Tech-9, or a modified AK 47 (10 million exist!), or any of thousands of gun models, new and old. Not one weapon is banned by President Obama’s announcement; not one transaction is nullified. The only threat comes from those who call his actions for safety a threat.

Remember, every bullet fired has its own excuse. Listening to Republicans, the threat to America’s communities lies in the President’s policies to save lives. Measure their words and deeds carefully; in there hearts and speech, American lives have no measure of constitutional protection. Only guns.

Heart and soul, these candidates place bullets above bodies.

When the Constitution is the excuse for killing and for the death of its citizens, the Constitution fails. Its original intent was not to justify domestic homicide. The Second Amendment implies no right to kill; It does not elevate murder to a patriotic act; it does not support blood sacrifice. Republicans do!

It is a strange group who find glory in the gun but ignore the collateral dead. Their words and deeds cannot be blessed. No power of Constitution or divine authority will reward their praise of guns and the contempt and hatred they show for American lives.

The Hear-Nothing Gun Crowd – The New York Times


(replies) Walter Rhett….your eloquent description of America brings to mind all the unnecessary deaths that have occurred in my lifetime in the United States as a result of unnecessary wars and a violent gun culture.

I find these deaths unforgivable. They were the reasons why I left the country 12 years ago. If the millions of expatriates spoke up about why they left the country, many young Americans would have a more accurate view of what their country is really like.

~~As a resident of Charleston, as am I, you recall Gov. Nikki Haley crying crocodile tears after the Emmanuel nine massacre. No other Republican from Columbia showed up. Mayor Riley cried real tears.

~~If a person has to resort to misrepresentation in order to try to win an argument, it says something about how weak their position is.

Can we challenge Speaker Ryan to respond to what President Obama is actually intending to do, in detail, and to explain exactly how that is disrespectful to gun ownership or rights?


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