Comfort Is Trump’s Forte

comfort (2)

“Comfort.” FSA photo. LOC.

I keep screaming “comfort,” and nobody’s listening! It’s comfort! You can tell if the guy in the next stall is comfortable. Back at the bar, his language and biases show his level of ease. So what if he let’s one loose!

Too many academics/writers/pundits have no touchstone experiences with working class bars, the barbershops, or breakfast meetings and home parties where the alternative, non-correct visions of America resound–Archie and Ralph’s America. Okay, now we admit a few blacks, but we ridicule healthy eating and have added stories of addiction (Mike and Molly, Two Broke Girls), but there is still a group put down so long they feel better if there betters get some blame and comeuppance–in fact, lots of blame!

Comfort! We do what feels good! Anger will not hold, can not be build on. Nor will it win victories or be cohesive. (Despite the pundits, Cruz will not pick up the Trump vote; he doesn’t speak Trump’s shorthand of emotional signs.) The attraction is comfort, that familiar sense missing in the others. (Among Democrats, Barack had/has its swag.) It’s no mystery; it’s a longstanding part of the American lexicon and culture. It grew from the South to break down and mix in with yankee sternness and midwest work ethic. To outsiders, it’s mean; to the lofty, it’s fear. It’s neither! It’s comfort! Will someone observe closely and finally listen?

Purity, Disgust and Donald Trump – The New York Times


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