“Officer Created Jeopardy”

Jack Collier FSA photo. Alabama, 1942.

police (3)

Jack Collier FSA photo. 1942.

How many who shot act in fear–and how many in comfort, with the permission of imagined intent? Framing the argument in legal terms gets a look at both sides of the writtn boilerplate of glares, moving hands that starts the wheels of justification.

The emotional framing is all one-sided, rooted in fear/fear/fear. A hidden secret is that police work (as does the priesthood) attracts individuals with strange predilections and lured to violent confrontations and shootings. Working as a teacher for many armed robbers, I would ask, “what’s the point?” They replied the thrill of watching fear in someone was an incentive as was the loot, and more likely to be the later topic of talk.

I asked my brother (a career police officer/firearms instructor) was the reverse true: did certain officers seek the emotional rush of violence, esp. with deadly force? Note the repeaters, he replied, the officers who with multiple write-ups for force and incident reports for shootings. They seemed to find ways to shoot (unlike others on the same beat).

These actions have an official classification: “officer-created jeopardy.” Some certainly by accident, error, and bad training; but some by intent; virtually impossible to distinguish.

I know an officer with an affinity for the taser; the variety of bounces and jerks of suspects named and rated. It was better than prozac. Comfort was the driving force; fear was the excuse.

Tamir Rice and the Color of Fear – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1OFIEyh



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