A Dispute That Concedes America’s Leadershiip


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Marion Post Wolcott. Natchez, MS. LOC.

A bunker mentality cools the GOP ardor over what the world recognizes is a major concern–the effect of changes in the atmospheric composition on global heating and cooling–best seen in the diminishing ice caps clearly visible in year over year photographs. GOP candidates say science is superstition! The evidence is biased! Yet underneath the staged debate is an industry growing globally–one of many industries GOP candidates are willing to concede America’s leadership in policy into a back-of-the-pack position in the creation of jobs and new technology.

Larry Lundgren (his comment) points out the differences in Europe’s home building approaches: they have seen the future and it works! Germany especially has pioneered the passive house, building one community with 5,000 passive homes (overall, Europe has 30K+!). The passive house depends mainly on available and practical construction techniques. Brussels is rewriting its building codes to accelerate their construction. Winter costs of heating (and summer cooling) these homes fall under $10 a month!

The US has 90 passive homes! So far, US states have refused to change their building codes to encourage construction and distribute lowered costs. So ignoring climate change: why not bring down high winter energy bills for the century-long life of a home? It’s a practical benefit even without agreeing on the big picture!

Hope From Paris – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1OaUULk 


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Imagine: Republicans want us to rush to war against ISIS and ignore/deny climate change? That’s right, Republicans think that a lunatic fringe of the Wahhabi cult poses more danger to the most powerful nation in the history of the world than does coastal inundation. Republicans cling to oil and coal while competing nations like Germany, Japan, and China rush to replace addiction to hydrocarbons with renewables. In fact, Republicans are doing everything possible to help ISIS by fomenting fear and following ISIS plan to keep us enslaved to oil and to battle ISIS and Islam. One would think that Republicans are trying to destroy the country, democracy and ruin our economy and end the world. Why would they do that?


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