If It’s Not Kansas, It’s South Carolina


Phillip Simmons Iron Work, Charleston.

What? We are not in Kansas? The state that micro-manages abortions? In its own effort to be first-in-the-nation, Kansas prohibited specific medical techniques used in abortions, a law swiftly blocked by a Kansas judge. Kansas also sued to deny the state’s ACA holders subsidies for health care; it sued to block EPA disapproval of its air pollution plan, asserting the right to pollute down wind neighboring states. But Kansas has to mind its court costs; it only has $5.6 million left in the state’s coffers, barely enough to cover an unexpected weather event.

So different from South Carolina, where for years the state has kept down litigation costs by not prosecuting crime–esp. violence against women (that issue won a Charleston paper the Pulitzer prize!), even in the case of multiple offenders. Over 100 children die in state custody annually, and one facility has been investigated 95 times since 2000 for abuse and neglect (including the beating an autistic child caught on video). Today, it is part of an network that receives more young children into foster and group homes than any other state. The state also lets politicians ramble: ask former governor, now congress member Mark Sanford or former lieutenant governor Ken Ard; trips and wardrobes seem to be the main criminal perks.

Issues? By last cycle’s ads and the early ones, life in SC would be a dream, if not for Barack Obama! Forget the 500+ bridges collapsed because the state has an inadequate inspection program.

What’s the Matter With Iowa? – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1OlkHm5


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