Donald Trump’s Absent Courage

The fact that Republicans are debating whether 11 million residents working and living in the US should have a path to citizenship shows the state of Republican confusion! Clearly, it is more disruptive to industry, markets, and labor to remove 11 million people out of the economy than to grant them citizenship! And when the President proposed the removal of criminals without papers first, these same candidates growled he exceeded his authority by making bad folk a priority prosecution!

Where lies the greater danger: ISIS or Chicago? Chicago: democratic, budgets bleeding, schools broken, high unemployment, youth murders topping the nation’s charts is less frequent a target for political attacks than the violent world Scheherazade redeemed with her tales. But her redemption stories were not filled with darkness and betrayal, but with courage, love and new hope matched to strength.

Where is the hope in shooting down Russian fighters? Who feeds the people on the ground, educates their families, restores the state? Is Carly’s love dysfunctional when she disparages current generals by implying they don’t measure up to tasks? At home, are 12 million jobs and low inflation a weakness? Where is the courage in the litany of misrepresentations and lies?

Oh, on the silence on Chicago: the GOP in a show of bi-partisanship, follows a former Democratic senator for NY Patrick Moynihan and offers to cities only “benign neglect.”

Republican Insecurity – The New York Times

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