A Citizen View of Conservatives, Small Government, and Race

In the search for cause and effect, Paul has put the cart before the horse! He pulls the wrong forces out of the context! Not the leaders, but the citizens Nixon’s campaign recognized and targeted in 1968 with his southern strategy (per SC’s Lee Atwater), a strategy that understood the political benefits of racist politics. These early believers began a wave of conservative change that split: by Bush’s 43, some reversed to become independents, but others, esp. Northern migrants (the South received its largest in-migration in those decades!) brought something new: an anti-government outlook to mingle with racism. The net cast to ensnare both birds! Voting out safety nets appeared to be an easy two-for-one!

Racism was hidden in the denial of the conservative idea of abolishing big government. Cut government, vote for those who will take away welfare, food stamps, affirmative action, abortion, heating assistance and block advancing (and undeserving!) blacks.

Obama’s election triggered a threat alert with which there was to be no reason! Things dire, these people now wanted muscle not virtue! A wall of people tuned to denial, turned off from the truth, dug in, looking for action. This group began to track the actions of government, not its words. They applaud destruction! They turned off their belief! Hence, the difference, between Trump and Bush–Bush sounds and looks like he will not act; Trump, who never examines consequences, looks like he will.

The Donald and the Decider – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1Tf1wZe


Marion Post Wolcott Photo. White Baseball Fans, South Carolina. 1934.


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