3 Posts: To Obama Detractors

And why is President Obama:
1) “the most divisive” (he won 2 national elections!),
2) “malicious” (he protected the government against Republican-led dysfunction, whose shut down cost American families $24 billion!), 3) 3) “incompetent” (he created 13 million new jobs, the US lead the global recovery!) and
4) “artless” (he created working coalitions with Russia, Europe that reduced nuclear threat, opened trans-Pacific Asian markets in opposition to many Democrats, saved the Gulf, gathered great crowds globally, hosted concerts, gave eulogies and a Nobel speech!)
5) in “living memory” (do you remember Bush’s economy lost 462,000 jobs! Bush’s mislead war, costing ($5 trillion+, $9 trillion for wounded veterans lifetime care). Bush’s Wall St. bail out, $700 billion? Bush’s dismal natural disaster efforts, esp. New Orleans?).

You argue against the evidence, casting blame in name only! Or as with many, do the labels assigned to the President, wildly contradicted by the facts, point to the classic strategy of dog whistling race, labeled as a set of character flaws associated with the worst of its stereotypes? Moreover, is this simply a set of assumptions that deny race is their foundation, in order to implausibly deny the obvious? That race, at the heart of the list of invectives of incompetence, though denied, looms large? When race is the common factor in tainted judgement, divorced from fact or good works, it becomes racism, albeit cradled and concealed by stereotypes and denied.

Obama Accuses Trump of Exploiting Working-Class Fears – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1V23jSu


The “not truth” lies in those who deny the truth! Along with the denial, they turn around the idea of race to rigidly show a single face (“a weakness that doesn’t exist”), ignoring a long, twisted history in their denials of black strength and success, even when oppressed!

Begin with the enslaved who were considered lazy despite year-over-year record harvests of crops that created massive wealth, or affirmative action hires being seen as unqualified as opposed to being discriminated against; note civil rights leaders fighting for constitutional fulfillment being labeled socialists, and their opponents who have never seen a racist and can’t find racism–not in lynching, segregation, the GOP southern strategy, the double standards clearly evident in Obama’s evaluation–and in their own denial. It’s Alice’s looking glass! How? That’s how!

Obama Accuses Trump of Exploiting Working-Class Fears – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1O6klO0

Why are so many racists mind readers who can ignore the facts and see the hate in their heart as smothered with truth? How can you tell the racists? Those whose whole cloth is built on self-serving fantasies, utterly abandoning truth, common sense, critical thinking, specific examples to hold tight to the idea that race does not belong in the halls of power, despite not having to steal an election.

Wall Street is rich (but Obama thinks the country is too white), the wealthy are richer than ever (Look at the GNP!). Obama wants “too much power?” Does that mean starting wars that make global conditions worse and deny people democracy? It’s pathetic that unlike George Wallace, once a hater, these folk and their empty, specious claims are all cheap, ugly talk and untethered blame without any standards of truth, evidence or dialogue. They repeat, stuck like scratches in a record groove.

Obama Accuses Trump of Exploiting Working-Class Fears – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1Ol84HC



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