3 Important 2015 Trends: Wealth, Race, and Governance

The high marks of the tide never show the power of its currents; in the same way, history’s events conceal its powerful trends. Some still ill defined, this year’s notable trends have been pushed aside for media pop-up events, each backtracked and endlessly filled in. Outside of that media box, three trends went unnoticed: the most obscure, the ephemera of wealth; the other two: the denial of race, the collapse of the state.

The ephemera of wealth helped in the rise in terrorism and unorganized domestic forms of spree and mass killings. Terrorists with rental cars, US citizens with good salaries, youth with $600 guns, Atlantic travel and paid apartments; stateless groups taking in daily millions, are micro and macro signs that wealth has indirectly supported a permissive environment expanded through rhetoric, law, and force–creating a milieu that draws in killers under cover of a cause.

Race is long denied, and its denial blocks progress. That progress is also blocked by blame that denies good works, affirming W.H. Auden, that: “the situation of our time surrounds us like a baffling crime.”

Wealth also undercuts the state. Putin’s tough talk shrouds a state in collapse (what Russian product do you buy?) except for energy and millionaires. Saudi money follows a back door conduit to terrorists. African rebels have invisible support for atrocities of rape and murder. America’s military bombs villages with bombs costing millions. Wealth swirls in the miasma of statelessness as individuals and groups kill.

Charles Blow, The Year’s Biggest Social Justice Stories – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1TeYKmK


(Reply)  Excellent! Next stage–reversing the trend, or finding an alternative model of governance.



Marion Post Wolcott FSA Photo. South Carolina Mother and Child. 1934.


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