ISIS Behavioral Keys

One cannot put social demands on faith! One can solve crimes and engage in crime prevention. No god in any faith calls for death: that’s a rebuke and corruption of every divine intent and attribute if god urges evil to destroy his own creation. God aside, terrorist killings point to a strikingly similar set of behaviors more than a canon of common beliefs (hence, ISIS’ growing appeal to non-Muslims and youth of many nationalities from the lower middle class).

One of the key behaviors repeated by this group is killing, the sense of washing the world in blood. The power to kill doesn’t rest on faith. The power to kill is an abandonment of faith for a thing so unspeakable it has not yet been named. Focus on that unnamed power.

Money, not faith, is its main support. Terrorists are renting cars! (That means an approved credit card, with bills paid.) Terrorists are flying! No couch surfing or soup kitchens as a daily mark of sacrifice.

Other forces: the ephemera of wealth (China produces 1500 millionaires a day–2 million in 2014; 10 million AK – 47s are awash, untraceable–or legal for purchase by unvetted visa holders; the new wealth has brought with it a global death as an act of faith, organized by a non-state group controlling territory in two states and billions in oil). From the West, educational skills mask the dark chasm within, the place of the dance macabre, the place we stuff Islam into as a filler.

As with AIDS, Ebola, clear thinking will improve our understanding.

The Islamic Dilemma – The New York Times  #MyComment RT


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