For Trump, Hate Makes Sense

Trump has reminded us that hate makes sense. It resists both truth and reason. It is stubborn to remove. Its worst features are easy to deny. It has no moral high road. Waving the constitution misses the point: the ugly beauty of Trump’s appeal is rooted in elemental impulses (before homo sapiens, in homo erectus) when violence ruled survival.

But Trump’s ideas cannot survive. Unless tied to the constitution! Then they will thrive because the terms of the debate have been switched to law from the human heart. Liberals have long been accused of being gutless; now Trump implies their hearts are weak. That the nation’s and party leaders have Stockholm syndrome. This is the real message brilliantly concealed in the hubris flying around his outrageousness; the embedded idea unspoken. Anything other than fight is surrender–and not just surrender but a “disgusting” capitulation that turns America into a sycophant; This he finds unbearable, so he closes the ISIS trap.

Quit discussing a ban on Muslim entry in legal terms, it guarantees Trump’s success! The idea of a ban must look at how America–and Americans–define relationships! Use the debate to spell out the cause-and-effects of strategies, including a ban. Reset the terms and finally make a moral appeal worthy of the grenade dive Sammy Davis, Jr. once did (on TV show), showing the courage to save those who had ridiculed him. Patience trumps panic!

Discussions of law leave too many key issues on the table.

Trump’s Anti-Muslim Plan Is Awful. And Constitutional. – The New York Times


One thought on “For Trump, Hate Makes Sense

  1. Isn’t Donald Trump holding up a mirror to Americans so they can truly see themselves as they are?? So full of hate/anger/fear that they do not see themselves….paranoia!!


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