Analysis of ISIL Social Forces

Being bipartisan, recognizing America’s penchant for humor and horror, taking Trump’s good advice: this is where I see we are! Two of ISIL’s most important drivers are its economic engine and its recruiting. They successfully inspire domestic lone wolves and family/friends–a greater problem than attacks from illegal entry! A focus on domestic lone wolves is the right methodology: The straight lines of violence against America have internal, psychological turns that should be reviewed and considered. Disaffected youth–at home and globally–are tuned to conquerors and scapegoats, religion, race, inventing themselves through violence.

ISIL justifies violence as a return strike for the West’s long history of invader violence. The radicalized listen and look at the screams of the West for military attacks, bombings, ground troops as more evidence of campaigns of death.

To ISIL offers of comradeship, pay, and brides, American youth counter as outliers, reveling in silence and defiance–committing suicide after attacks at home in this new war declared over bad behavior and blood, and a god who supposedly finds divine favor in death.

Trump never considers the consequences of his mouth. Nothing sensible for ISIS’s defeat will emerge from him. Its poison is a new stir of the spoon. Put behavior before faith. For one, it puts first ISIL’s monstrous need to kill.

Trump’s Anti-Muslim Plan Is Awful. And Constitutional. – The New York Times


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