China’s Female Imans And Muslim Communities

Last Call to Prayer from ChinaFile on Vimeo.

China’s Hui Muslims are unique in many respects. The country’s second-largest ethnic minority share linguistic and cultural ties with the majority in China that have allowed them to practice their religion with less interference and fewer restrictions than others, like Uighur Muslims and Tibetans. Outside of China, the Hui practice of installing women as the head of female-only mosques has been viewed with criticism and admiration. In this video, we look inside the lives of Hui women and what the practice, and the religion, means to them.

Detroit’s Pensions

I agree there is no “balloon payment on the horizon.” Aggregating short falls into lump sums serves fear and politics, not accounting or pensioners.

I wonder, however, if conservative trustees do more than reflect the status quo–in the same way bankers, mortgage lenders, bond specialists and other erstwhile conservatives once did on their way to collapses that their assured safeguards missed. Their thinking seems to be insular: their wagons surrounded to fight. Historically, that blindness is the hubris that leads to spectacular falls. (Click an image to start a slide show.)

No Second Place

I live in a state that takes no second place when it comes to sex scandals—or innuendo. Our current governor was accused by alleged eyewitness participants (at different times!) of dalliances while serving as a state legislator—and the state’s elected executive is a woman!

Of course, the state had to also amend the stature on the state house grounds of former governor, Strom Thurmond, to include the name of his African-American daughter in the list of his children.

This was long before Boehner and McCain’s children decided to create their own interracial legacies through marriage, which many Americans still find scandalous for reasons tied to fear, phobia, or a sense of the superior.

Sadly, sex scandals are becoming a rite of passage. A TN Congress member acknowledged his former wife’s abortion during their marriage, strained by his affairs with patients he treated and hospital employees he supervised as the doc-in-charge. His medical specialty? OB-GYN.

And recently, a House member claimed, based on his ultra-sound observations, that 3 ounce, 4 inch fetuses were pleasure-capable (forget sensing pain used justify the House’s bill!). Somehow, it feels creepy to realize a doctor is thinking about sex while he’s watching sonograms.

Somehow, it feels like the entire vox populi is being tippled by these outrageous, insensitive crimes against women and men; the violations of their bodies and the public trust.