The Farm Only Bill Feeds The Congressional and Corporate Hog Trough

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Yes, we are slackers: listen to us whine, a sure sign we are lazy and unwillingly to work, proof entitlements create dependency, and tough decisions must end the federal dole–that’s the GOP position!

Here are the numbers: To qualify for SNAP, applicants must have less than $2000; have a monthly net income under $1921 for a family of 4, $931 for a one. The maximum monthly benefit available to a family of 4; $668; for one, $200.

Here’s what the House farm only bill does:
It raises crop subsidies, increases price guarantees, extends payments to cotton farmers (cost: $1 billion!), makes new subsidies permanent, blocks state safety standards, weakens environmental protections for water, cuts $5 billion from conservation programs, weakened compliance, guaranteed profit margins for Mississippi cat fish, failed to reform the fraud ridden crop insurance program and ignored a GAO recommendation that would have saved $1 billion.

Several House Republicans (or their spouses) who voted to pass the farm only bill receive direct federal payments for crop subsidies. Among the largest, the pompous Stephen Fincher who cites the bible as he reaches his hand deep into the public dole: his payment of $70, 574 exceeds the annual SNAP benefit for a family of four by more than a factor of 9!

How much work did the gentleman from TN do? As much as Doug Lamalfa (CA, $62,857), David Valadao (CA, $28,077), Robert Aderholt (AL, $4559, though his wife), Frank Lucas (Ag Chair; OK, $14,584; wife), Martin Stutzman (IN, $6,654), Mac Thornberry, (TX, $9,181), Kristi Noem (SD, $1400) and others did: zero. Farmers? Greedy, lazy pigs!